Welsh pride: interview with Lloyd

Lloyd Warburton, 17.

R3: What prospects do you think there are for Wales as an independent nation outside the United Kingdom?

LW: Independence will give the people of Wales a chance to be run by a government that understands that Wales has different needs than the rest of the UK and will respect and act on that. Wales will be able to open up formal diplomatic ties with countries around the world whether or not we have a cultural or historic relationship with them and it’ll give us the chance to make the most of our vast natural resources.

R3: Do you see any parallels between Welsh independence and Brexit? What do you think motivates each movement?

LW: I know that a lot of independence supporters have turned that way because of Brexit, but I see the arguments for both as being quite similar, but that’s not a problem. Membership of the EU isn’t as important an issue for me as it might be for other independence supporters. I think the independence movement is driven by a desire to improve people’s lives and give Wales the best chance it has at succeeding in the wider world, but I think Brexit was driven by a slightly more narrow view of things, but I would be the first to admit that the arguments for both causes overlap at times.

R3: How do your feelings of patriotism towards Wales differ from your feelings towards the rest of the UK?

LW: I see Wales as being my home country, and I see the world from a Welsh point of view. I identify strongly with Wales, Welsh culture and some of the unique places that make Wales what it is today. On the other hand, I see the UK as an old-fashioned, rather conservative place socially, and I feel no attachment to any other parts of the UK as I do with Wales. I don’t see Welsh and Britishness as being contradictory or opposed to each other, but I can’t imagine having two national identities. That’s not something that I’m able to grasp well.

We would like to thank Lloyd and Joe for their time and contribution to ‘Welsh pride’, helping us to celebrate Welsh history on St. David’s Day.